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Check this page for answers to DIY Computer Kit questions!

If you want to start building and upgrading computers as a new hobby or interest then you may have a few questions.

If you don't see the answer you are looking for then please ask a question by sending an e-mail.
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How hard is it to build your own computer?

With the DIY Computer Kits and the 1-to-1 help you get from Nic Bunting Computers it's actually pretty easy!

If you consider cooking then there's a huge range of skills and levels of competence from simply opening a tin to make baked beans on toast to the amazing skills of chefs and restaurants with Michelin Stars.

Building a computer also has a range of skills levels from assembling selected components to plumbing in water cooling for heavily overclocked systems.

DIY Computer Kits from Nic Bunting Computers contain all the parts needed to build a working computer. These parts have been specially selected for guaranteed compatibility - so building your own computer has never been easier!
What happens if I break something?

With the 1-to-1 help it's very unlikely you'll break a component as every step of the build is explained as much as you need it to be.

On rare occasions parts can be found to be faulty.

Nic Bunting Computers wants you to be a satisfied customer with a working computer so if this does happen then any faulty parts are obviously replaced!
What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system that is a practical alternative to Microsoft Windows. For general computer tasks like browsing the Internet, checking e-mails and making documents Linux offers the same as Microsoft Windows - except it's free!

It really is free and there are lots of different versions to choose from.

If all you use your computer for is the general tasks mentioned above then you can use Linux and save a significant amount of money. You can see more by clicking here.